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    Hi Kwik folks,I'm wondering if a Kwik app can be submitted to Apple as an iBook. I know the term eBook and iBook sometimes get smushed together. I'm referring to Apple's iBooks. I can't quite tell from Corona's forums/docs. But I saw in Kwiksher forum that somebody had their AppStore app rejected as an app and recategorized as an iBook. So maybe it's possible.Thanks for your help,JB


    As far as I know we are talking about 2 completely different formats. Apps are apps (compiled) and iBooks are a variation of epub format (more like html/css).


    Currently our “app” is an interactive book. Not and ebook, but a book with interactivity.  We have not published with Apple yet but they are next on our list.  We are in the Amazon App and Google-Play store.  Hopefully within a week we will have submitted our “app” to Apple Store. Hopefully, fingers-crossed, we will not have any issues similar to what you are describing.  Good luck!  Will let you know how it goes for us!Cherix


    JB – an app is an app and an iBook is an iBook and an eBook is something else altogether. Here's the deal. Apple iBook formats can only do certain things. Some things that you can do in an app, such as some animations, synched text, etc. can't be done or can't be done easily within the iBook format. However, if your app only does the things an iBook can do, you run the very real risk of Apple placing you into the iBook store. Apple wants to build the “library” of available iBooks, thus they will, sometimes, take your app, reformat it to the iBook format and publish it there. Note I said THEY reformat it into iBook readable files.There is no way you can get them to do this yourself. However, you can publish an interactive app in the app store, and download iBook Author (it's free) and build that app in iBook format and publish it in the iBook store yourself. And if you're a real glutton for punishment, you can even go into an ePub editor and do an eBook version. Each format is totally different, each has it's own set of things it will and will not do, and each format requires it's own editing/creation program. The easiest way to wrap your head around the different formats is : everything you can do in iBook format or ePub format you can do in an app, but the reverse is NOT true.Hope that helped a little, it can get confusing, especially when the terms are used almost interchangeably.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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