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  • jimmycesarins7218

    I have been playing around with the trial of v1 and the beta of v2.  I was wondering if there is more in depth documentation outside of the tutorials on the “Learn Kwik” page.Kwik looks very easy to use, but I am getting hung up on little things that are making it difficult to make sense of it.  Will a purchased version include more documentation of each feature and how to use them?  Is there anything other than the tutorials?


    For Kwik learn you have:= user guide= learn page= youtube video channel (/kwiksher)= blog postings (in the past all "how tos" were available at the blog areafor K2 all documentation will be available at the learn page.


    I looked at the learn page, much of it is old and not in depth (same with the YouTube channel).The blog, I found a few how to, but there didn't seem to be much and many of them the images don't work.  That leaves the user guide.  Is that any good? I haven't purchased yet as I am just using the trial to experiment with it and v2, but it seems it's going to be a lot of experimentation to figure it out.I've been messing around with it, and it's easy to use and all but to get exactly what you want is going to take a lot of experimentation without some sort of guide.  It would be awesome to have a video series start to finish on an book with a decent amount of functionality.I'm all ready to buy it, but I can't seem to find good documentation on how to use it, and I don't want to waste a lot of time guessing.


    Please send me the urls without images and I will fix that as soon as I return from vacations. You have a full tutorial in the learn page teaching how to create a page from Sparky the Shark. The user guide is, like it says, a complete document on each available feature.What are you looking for especifically? Kwik is pretty simple to use. For more complicated things (IAP, multi-language, etc) there is a tutorial or a blog posting about. Also, take a look at a longer video I have on the YouTube session. It brings a full overview about Kwik.


    I understand what Christopher is saying here.  I can see that you have tried to keep up with posting how-to info, Alex, but since Kwik is such a work in progress, it is not always clear information is current and what may have changed a bit.  (This particularly true with reading through info on the forum to try to find solutions.)I am eager to see and use K2 as some of the features sound very helpful.  As you post the info about is, some doesn't apply to the 1.9.7a which I am using as a paid subscriber.


    Anna,All new documentation from now on will be about K2. The user guide will be available online, thru the Learn page. New tutorials are being written and will be available in a few days. As Kwik grew too fast (thanks to users suggestions), the documentation changed constantly. Now the plugin is consolidated, I hope to have up to date materials soon.


    Alex,I have been a beta tester on another program so understand that process of constant change.  Clearly, Kwik is at a big turning point.  This is an awkward time to be getting acquainted with Kwik, but I am beginning to get some traction.  I look forward to K2 and being able to follow the new documentation and tutorials. From all the forum answers I see you are very kind and helpful.  Thank you!Anna

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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