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How to do a puzzle

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  • jessicaworleyart

    Anyone have suggestions on how do a puzzle game?Users would drag puzzle pieces into the correct place and have the puzzle recognize that they have landed in the correct position and "trap" them.  Once all pieces are in place it would be ideal to have the picture transform so that the pieces disappear and the image is a whole complete image.Thanks!Laura


    I will write a tutorial on the “trap” part. To control when the piece is completed, I suggest you to use variables so, every time a piece is trapped, you increase the value of the variable, then you test if the variable content is the same of the number of parts of your puzzle. If so, it means the puzzle is completed and you can activate another action showing the new image.


    I searched the Corona forums for the term 'magnetic'… but didn't find anything.I know that InteractiveTouchBooks has a great magnetic feature, that is used to great advantage.I have no idea about how they do it, whether with a 'trap' or not.Anyhow, I'm all for adding 'magnetics' to the Kwik2 lineup.  It would be a fabulous new feature and extremely useful in book apps.Imagine building bridges, houses and adding and changing costumes to figures, just to name a few possible uses.


    Hey Alex,Do you need a graphic for the puzzle tutorial?  I have one ready with layers marked and before and after shots as a psd if you need.Laura


    Have you seen the tutorial I posted yesterday?


    many thanks for the awesome tut Alex. Just busy doing it now and gonna make a puzzle app soon. Worth mentioning that if you want the piece of the robot the user is dragging always at the top of the display stack, add this to the start of the action for each piece:objectName:toFront()  ---replace object name with the layer name that is dragable.This ensures that whatever piece the user drags is always at the top and won't float behind other pieces when you drag it to its place.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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