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Hiding groups

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  • v1p_kokorin

    Hi Alex.I came a cross a problem, it may not necessarily be a bug, but it can be kind of a pain at times.Ok, I am trying to create a character selection for a game. I have 9 characters (think Street Fighter). When a person taps on the small picture, a bigger picture shows up on the right-hand side. So, to work around this I put all the "big" pictures in a group and told Kwik to hide the group. Now, as far as I understand, the layers should still be present as objects, correct? So then I setup a button (one of the small character pictures) and asked it to show the big character picture upon tap. My problem occurs here. The picture doesn't show up. If I take the character out of the group, it does work...but I would like it to be part of a group AND be an individual object as well, so I can turn it on when needed.Anyway, maybe I'm complicating things, but how would you go about working this selection screen out? Any ideas?Here's what my action looks like:1. Hide group "all_characters" (this is so that it will remove any other selected character. pretty much reseting the selection).2. Show layer "character_1" (this shows only the selected character, after all other "big" characters in the group are removed as needed)3. Tap soundI would appreciate some help with this, or maybe a workaround in future releases, where an object can be part of a group and still be able to be used as an individual object.Thanks a bunch!


    I am moving to another forum as this is not a bug.I am afraid to say this is really trick as, it seems this is a limitation from Corona SDK (not allow an object inside a hidden group to show), not Kwik. As you noted already, if you decide to remove the object from the group in order to show it, then return it to the group later, you will need to externally code it. Due the millions of possibilities (number of objects in the group, re-order, etc), this is very hard to implement in a "machine generated code".


    Thanks Alex.I did it the long way, but it still works. I hid all the "big" pictures using an action (as separate objects). It did the trick.


    smart boy  😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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