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    Hi,I added an audio file (.mp3) file to the project. Something must be wrong with it because I get a blank screen on the simulator. Also I am not able to remove the audio file from the Project


    If you added an audio with spaces (or any non A-Z – check more about naming issues here: http://www.kwiksher.com/learn-kwik/before-starting/), you will not be able to process, neither remove them via the panel later.

    To manually edit (and remove) it from your .kwk file, follow these steps:
    – quit Photoshop
    – backup your kwk file (you can simply copy it and paste it again – a copy of your project .kwk file will be created)
    – open the kwk file with any text editor you have
    – search for your audio file
    – select the lines that start with to the line
    – save the file
    – Open the project in Kwik again and the audio will not be there anymore.

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    i dont understand? this english??
    – search for your audio file
    – select the lines that start with to the line
    clarifyication maybe?



    1) are you having same problem to edit(remove) audio file from kwik panel?
    2) any errors on corona simulator when you publish your project?

    For 1), .kwk file is simple xml file for your project. Alex suggested to open it with a text editor and manually delete the xml tags which contains the audio file

    In your project folder, there is backups folder for .kwk. You may recover the previous state by using the one of backups.


    thank you for the reply.
    I managed to figure it out eventually.
    I still dont understand quiete good how can i use operators ?
    you have any good tutorials on those?
    I looked at that file memory game but it is too coplexed for me to understand, becaouse i am still strugleing with some lua coding and corona itself. I also dont understand how exactly to use Layer replacemnts?
    I simply don’t know what is that used for?


    I wish to make a calculator using just Kwik? s this possible?
    s there a way to make a button (when you press it) write a number in an text window.
    I also want to know how to add this text window into the calculator.. as i said i a m more of visual guy.
    So basicly wehn i press a number (a kayer) it will deisplay some kind of charachter that is a”saved” in that layer??
    So is it possible to have a layer and then this layer contains a charachter. and tehn the you press the button you want this charachter to be displayed in a text windoe that you also created with KWIK?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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