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    1. When you create groups you can multi select a bunch of layers and they automatically appear in the new group window – except they come in reverse layer order. Now the only way to make a group is by selecting one layer at a time which is frustrating and very time consuming in the little Kwik menu interface. It did used to add multi selected items in the right order in a previous build.2. It would be great to be able to move groups around in the Components View. As it is, groups are ordered by the process you create them - first being top etc. It would just be good to move these around later. I know you can go into the .kwk and do this but I guess that's not ideal?


    kilopop,1) the order is correct when publishing;2) all objects in the panel can be sorted by name or category (set it in the Settings)


    1) I'm afraid that kilopop is right. The reverse order of the objects is there in the app after publishing.


    If you have layers (from top to bottom) A, B, C and group them, the new group will add them as A,B,C. However, the previous process created the group with C,B,A (A is added first, then B (on top of A), and so on). The latest builds reverse this order in the publishing process, making the group A,B,C.


    I am using 2.08, so I assume 2.10 will address this. I can't use 2.09 because of the layer order/create button issue.


    1. Photoshop Layers. Yes, it is now fixed so that the last one in Lua is actually the top etc. But I'm talking about the Photoshop order A B C D E being reversed when you select all the layers and then create a new group which populates with the layers. When you multi select Photoshop layers and create a group, they come in reversed.2. Kwik groups order in Components View.Lets say I have created 5 groups ABCDE. The top group is the first one created, under that the second and so on until the fifth group you create is visually under all the previous groups. What would be useful is if you can move the order of these groups around so that for instance C is on top then B then EAD etc.In the same way you can move pages around in the Pages View, it would be useful to move the groups up and down in the Components View.


    1. I will check that;2. version 2.1 will bring new features for managing groups.


    kilopop, send me an email and I will send a beta version for the correct group order from photoshop.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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