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  • eyndrea

    Making some test in the new kwik 3.0.5. I have installed the daily corona sdk.in kwik 3.0.5 when I press add button in the kwik interface panel does not show the window opened. (nothing is open)the same for add action, in app project properties, multilingual project propertiesthe others buttons in interface seems to work well. In the new features, you comment "New Project Properties window with several new features"I see all like in older version when I create new project. But when i have created one new project after I can see all the new features. So I think this is ok(this also is for kwik 3.0.4 and 3.0.5) When I create a drag . I publish and seems seems ok. After I modify and add auto flip to the drag object and is an error.I the lua page the error is storyboard.micapa_stDrag = function (event )kwik publish and make the errror stDrag (do not write "startDrag") In kwik 3.0.4 when I change and write startDrag manually in lua page it works okmy error in corona isstack traceback: [C]: ? .../build/page_3.lua:107: in function < ...s/build/page_3.lua:103> ?: in function 'dispatchEvent' ...build/dmc_multiTouch.lua:1226: in function < ...build/dmc_multiTouch.lua:1126> (tail call): ? ?: in function < ?:218>the error in line 103 is "stDrag" (comented before)in line 107 I do not know which is the errorthis is the first line... (line 107)if (layer.micapa_stop.x < cr_micapa_stop) then                    if (wO_micapa_stop == "right") then                      layer.micapa_stop.xScale = -1                      wO_micapa_stop = "left"                    end in dmc_multiTouch.lua i do not know which is the error


    I did not can create a window Add buttons and Project properties in the new project.


    The problem for me, is that the kwik panel interface do not open the window to create/edit  when you press to- add new button,- add action- in app project properties- multilingual project propertiesis the same for you Marina?


    same for me:I am using Photoshop CS6 and upgraded to the 3.0b5 plugin - I cannot get the actions panel to appear, either when clicking an existing action in my project or trying to create a new action.-Peter


    The in app project properties and multilingual project properties will not exist anymore in the newest builds (I apologize for forgetting to remove them from the current panel – I will do it in the next update). For the other things:- action and button window not showing up: I am checking it right now (as they are working fine in my development machine);- drag error: Susa, can you please zip and send me your project folder?


    Fix for the actions/button panel and removal of not-used anymore icons available in built beta5a, already uploaded.


    Thanks Alex. I try to send to you today.


    Hi,Happy new year 2014. There is a 3.05 in test but no links?Thanks,Xavier


    Had to pull it down until Corona formally announce their new public release.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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