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  • v1p_kokorin

    Hello Alex.Thanks for your amazing support, I can't imagine how busy you must be right now.I have a little bit of a request. I've been able to finally get going with Kwik this past 2 weeks and I keep making a very silly mistake that I think could be easily improved before K2 comes out. It's the Export Icon. The export icon looks like a blank iPad screen...which doesn't really reflect its function. What I find myself doing is pressing that button when wanting to create a new page (yeah, silly me). It reminds me a lot of the MS Word new page icon. Would you consider changing it to something like...maybe an open box with an arrow pointing out of it? Or even adding an arrow to the current icon?My second question is in regards to positioning actions. Take for example a draggable layer. You can move it freely around the screen, and you can attach on-release actions. I am working on a game to dress up a character, but I want to make it so that when this layer is released on a certain place on the screen (on top of another layer...say, the feet of the character) that the layer will simulate a snapping effect. how difficult would it be to implement this?Thanks for the great work.


    Zeik,I don't know exactly what icon you are referring to (seems to be the Preview icon, right?) but, in Kwik 2 ALL icons got a new face. The preview is called now Publish and it makes more sense to have it with the device drawing. Let me know your thoughts when you check that.Regarding drag, in kwik 2 you have not only on-release but also on-dragging actions and there is an option to work with X and Y positions. If you want this feature in Kwik 1, you will need to code it manually.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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