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  • eyndrea

    Today I went to upload to appstore two updates of 2 app's in application loaderin the two app application loader show this errorImproper advertising identifier idfa usage. Your app contains the advertising identifier idfa api but you have not indicated its usage on the prepare for upload page in itunes connectI'm using kwik 3.04 and corona Version 2013.2076.I'm using this versions because to upgrade to new version of kwik I have to make a lot of changes and I want to make them after.3 weeks ago i uploaded with this versions an update and no problemsI've asked also in corona forumsdo someone know something about this?I have tried to delete the "waiting for upload" version in itunnes connect to see if I can change something but there is not button to delete it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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