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  • v1p_kokorin

    Hello Alex and friends.I am wondering if there is a way to delete the painted strokes in a drawing without having to reload the whole page. My issue is the following. I have a drawing I want to pain ON, not paint under. So I have created a layer and reduced the fill to 0 and made it the canvas. I have a menu that shows up when you press a button. The problem is that the drawing is on top of everything (even if the canvas was set on a layer underneath the menu. Once I draw on it, it shows up on top of the menu. So, I would like to erase the canvas right before the menu is executed, the problem is that the current clearing option reloads the page, rather than clearing the paint. My action looks like this:1. Clear canvas (reload page)2. Display menu.On step #1 the page is reloaded. I have certain actions performing when the page loads (such as hiding the menus). So when it comes to displaying the menu, I see it flashing really fast and disappearing. Is there a way to destroy the paint objects, so that the page is not reloaded? Or a workaround to my issue?Much appreciated.


    you are going to manually worked on the original code provided by Kwik as this is the way the feature is implemented today. Changing that means to change lots of other things and, unfortunately (sorry my friend), I cannot put it on top of other stuff now 🙁


    Hmm… I see. Well, I thought I'd ask because you know your code better than anyone else… I think it would take me days to understand what goes on under the hood. Which is why I just use Kwik 🙂Anyway. Can you think of another way to give the illusion that the menu is on top? I noticed that there's a option in the Show/Hide menu where you can show a page. If I create the illusion by overlapping another page, do you think it would work? Is this option the same as the Go To Page?thanks.


    I understand your frustration with the code not being what you want. Its is almost impossible to predict what users will do with auto coding. I try to do my best guessing and coding it.As I said before, what you want requires planning and code to change the way kwik creates code for the canvas feature. Your suggestion will not work because the page will be restarted (as it is implemented today, this is the only way to clean the draw).if there is no other workaround and you cannot change the code yourself, you can try to find a developer to do that or use our paid support option.


    Fair enough.Thanks Alex.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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