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    I’m alternating “rotateable image” (two layers, 1 red circular arrow on top layer, 1 jigsaw piece next layer) from being visable/invisable using hidden objects. After the group is “dragged” and on release the HIDE toggle is activated. my question: when the red arrow (the object with SPIN group attached ) is UNHIDDEN (it becomes interactive) does having it above puzzle piece layer (the object with DRAG group attached) override or take presedence over the underlying layer object?I can spin BOTH objects together  OR  I can DRAG both objects together but when the red arrow graphic is HIDDEN I want “Drag” to override “Spin” do I need to use IF THEN? I thought with arrow layer in front it would override drag but hidden it would’nt respond to interaction?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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