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[DONE] Ragdoll physics

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  • quincywathelet516

    In the Alice for the iPad app, there is a page that has the figure of Alice with physics joints. When you drag Alice she moves in the direction of the drag and her legs and arm joints behave via physics much like a ragdoll.Thanks


    Or, for example, in the application “The Velveteen Rabbit”


    Do you have any nice doll design that can be used in this upcoming tutorial?


    I have a full segmented monster with all limbs etc.. as different layers. If you haven't found another suitable model. I am interested in this tutorial.


    Bring it on 🙂


    I'm really looking forward to this tutorial.There's so many ways to use character physics and puppets.e1


    This new tutorial was surprisingly easy. I see so many applications for this. I did notice an unwanted behavior. If you drag the rag doll to close to the edge a portion of the limb will go off the edge and get stuck to that edge. If you try and drag the doll from the edge the doll snaps back to the edge. Is there a setting in kwik to address this behavior?Thanks in advance.


    Artsy, please provide these comments in the tutorial page. I tend to believe that the issue is due the walls around the screen. When (part of) the doll gets “out of screen” it seems to be blocked to enter again by the walls. Try to disable the side walls and check if this is the issue (being so, all you have to do is manually create your walls with more distance).


    HiI did a quick test on my own character following the tutorial tests and am pretty happy with the result.  I mainly used pivot joints and these work great "out of the box".  2cy4588.pnghttp://youtu.be/xXZsF3fEAtsHowever after reading up on some of the pivot joint settings, I want to add some rotation constraints.  It works if I write it into the lua file by hand, following the corona syntax, but I can't get it to work from inside photoshop kwik.Could you have a look at this or give some more info on how to use the input boxes in the joint dialogue window?Thanks again for providing the tutorial!e1


    What do you mean by writing code outside Kwik it works? Can you send me both samples?


    Hi Alex,I'm focusing on one limb here to keep it simple, constraining it in X between -15 and 15.I've written -15,15 into the kwik x constraint joint dialogue box and this is what kwik outputs into the page lua file.  RightLegBody.isLimitEnabled = true  RightLegBody:setRotationLimits = -15,15, )  If I then run the build in corona it crashes.  However if I write the code myself into the page lua file, the build runs fine and the leg is constrained.RightLegBody.isLimitEnabled = true  RightLegBody:setRotationLimits( -15, 15 )  a1, a2 = RightLegBody:getRotationLimits()Even though this works, I would prefer to do it in kwik.  In general there's not enough information out there to know how to use the extra joint parameters.  I've tried to attach the lua files, but I get this error when trying to submit the post"Cannot access attachments upload path!"Thanks for looking into this,e1


    I fixed the code in Kwik (available in the next release). Just to confirm it will work, please edit this line:RightLegBody:setRotationLimits = -15,15, ) adding the missing "(" and let me know if it worked:RightLegBody:setRotationLimits = ( -15,15, )

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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