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    Please Help, how to create quiz with score and can random quiz  :'(


    Please help me  :'(


    A quiz app may be written in several different ways. For example, the questions may reside a) inside the app, b) outside the app (in a json file, for example), or c) coming online (via a website with a database with questions). Assuming you are a non-coder, I have to say you are asking for something covering option a, right?Still considering it is option a what you need, there are so many ways to do that: a) having all fixed questions/answers/correct answer pre-made (in a table variable), b) randomizing the order of the questions (still with fix positions for the answers and the correct answer), c) randomizing order of questions and answers, and so on.As you can see, no matter the options, this is not going to be a "beginner" tutorial. what is your need here?


    A quiz feature/wizard would be nice.  I'd say have it run inside the app (option A as you noted above) with the option for True/False questions and multiple choice questions. Maybe using radial buttons as a built in default?JP


    I like  ;D


    Me too!




    Your prayers were answered: http://www.kwiksher.com/tutorials-kwik/video-tutorial-creating-a-quiz/ 🙂

    thanks you mastahhhh  :-*


    Nice tutorial! Thx!


    Very useful tutorial, thank you. I would also like to know how to:Add audio to the quizIf we were to add an audio file for each question in the quiz to the page, I'm thinking we would need to add the name of the audio file to the value table in variable quiz, how would we tell it to play the audio? Add image to answersNot sure if this one is achievable but I would like to add a image for each answer. So the question what colour is the sky would bring up a blue, pink and green image. I guessing each set of images would need to be placed on the page and hidden, then when question 1 is randomly picked, image set 1 is also shown?Sorry I realise I am probably asking for a whole new tutorial here...thanks in advanceK


    K, you're right, a new tutorial would be written to answer your questions. You'll need some external code to do what you want.


    Hi Alex,Could you please tell me how I would change this code so no question is asked twice in a row? When testing it I find it can be confusing if the same question is asked again in a row.local selectedQuestion = math.random(1,11)quiz_question = quiz[selectedQuestion][1]quiz_A = quiz[selectedQuestion][2]quiz_B = quiz[selectedQuestion][3]quiz_C = quiz[selectedQuestion][4]quiz_answer = quiz[selectedQuestion][5]-- update dynamic texttQuestion.text = quiz_questiontA.text = quiz_AtB.text =  quiz_BtC.text = quiz_C-- clean up previous answerrightORwrong.text = ""Also how would I change it so it wasn't random, but one question after another and when it gets to last question it starts from number 1 again?Thank youTanya.


    For a progressive, “non random” questions selection, you will need to create a variable to control which question to select than replace the local selectedQuestion to:

    local selectedQuestion = 0 -- this must be added just after the table containing the questions-- the code below should be used in the same place it is originally setselectedQuestion = selectedQuestion + 1if selectedQuestion > #quiz then selectedQuestion = 0 -- this returns to question 1 when all questions were already shown


    Thank you Alex I'll give that a go  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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