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  • Eliana


    I’ve been desperately seeking for an option to prevent a Timer to trigger

    I have a book app with two ways of following/reading the story:
    – one version, I want it to play in automatic mode. For that I created a timer for the each page that triggers, when page starts, a serie of actions (audio and images at a timed pace (created a serie of timers within the action panel). Result: the reader follows each page a bit like a movie. Once the page is done (all actions are played), reader can either reload the page or move to the next page that triggers page 2 timer, etc.

    – second version, I want the reader to read the story at its own pace, and therefore I would like the page timer not to be triggered. Meaning the reader would be in a “manual” mode, that would allow him by a click of a button play each action at a time.

    Version 1 and 2 share exact same image/audio files. It’s just a question of timing/pace.

    Would anyone have a code/solution that would solve my issue?

    Of course, the easiest solution would be to scrap one of the versions…but I would rather keep both if possible.

    Thank you,

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    Cancel or Pause timer not work? If user choose #2 manual, pause the timer

    List of all available interactions for buttons and actions


    Thank you, but I tried that and doesn’t work in my situation.

    In my main/homepage I have two main buttons that should allow reader two ways of experiencing the story: Option 1) go to next pageA and start my story in automatic/autoplay mode. Here I have a page timer that triggers an action that includes several timers (showing text dialogues at a timed pace with audio); Option 2) go to next pageA and start my story in manual mode. Meaning, I don’t want the page timer from option1) to be triggered! I want the reader to manually/click button to show dialogues one after the other at readers pace and not at pre-programmed pace.

    I have no problem with option 1. Works fine. However, I have problem with option 2). What ever I tried, the page timer (Add Timer/Trigger Panel) still runs. Which makes sense as it is part of PageA properties. However I would like it to be disabled in my option 2)

    When I tried to set a but to cancel or pause the page timer, it just didn’t.

    I don’t know if I’m clear:-(


    A variable to control on/off timer could be helpful. These tutorials are for audio to be turned on or off. Do you like to do the same thing for timer?

    External codes files for multi pages

    on/off BGM section

    Controlling audio with icons (Beginner)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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