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    Well to say the least I am  ;D    :'””/  crying emotional.  As of 3:05 PM Iowa … I hit the submit button.  I will tell you that the Amazon App Distribution Program (after registering) is wonderfully simple when using the apk "test your app" option for the application.  Drag the .apk file to a download box on their screen and anxiously wait.  I knew it looked good on the Kindle, but then anything can happen.  Kudos to you Alex and Kwik.  The apk passed the test on the first try.  A+ to you And if passing happens, it fills in all the information needed re versions, etc,.  Then the program just needs answers to the questions for the screen shots, description, etc, and then submit.  I thought I had left something out. I've printed the showcase form and will get it to you when I have the links, etc.  ALEX ... The Kwik badge will DEFINATELY  be next to "A STAR FOR APPLE" on my website.  That's to do next.  AND for what it's worth ... You're mentioned in the dedication on the credit page.  With out KWIK ... could not have done it and I mention that.  !!!!!!! 


    You are so kind. Thanks for the words and all the success in this (hopefully) first adventure of yours!


    Congratulations Linda, that's a wonderful achievement! Well done! It's great to hear when someone jumps through these stages of progress!Gareth


    Congratulations, Linda.Good to hear about the improved amazon submission. I have not submitted anything since they changed it and this is good news. Submitting is NOT my favorite part of this process!


    Thank you. After watching Alex on the Class 8 video with Apple I was not looking forward to it either.  Cold feet and sweaty hands.  ;DWhat took me so long was I have an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account that has 9 publications in it.  I did not know if I was to use that or something else.  After reading and checking ... I decided not to try it as it is more geared for publishers using Word, HTML and a list of other file types for submission but not .apk.  My motto is "when in doubt, "don't" and I didn't want to mess up an account that my author uses for her/our other books.  So I signed up for the https://developer.amazon.com account which is for apps.  As stated earlier,  The ... test the app ... option is the way to go, and once it has given the "passed" and all is good and filled in the codes and other stuff it wants ...  it's done its part and  just click on each of the "tabs" across the page and enter/answer what is needed until green check marks are next to each tab name and click on submit.  I cleaned up the files, crunched the images/files, and tested on a Kindle before testing on Amazon.  I did have to make a few "screen shots" that were requested/suggested (3 - 10 .png or .jpgs of various sizes) that Kwik doesn't make .  But I use a software called "Snag It" for screen shots and the Kindle Corona view snagged turned out to be one of the exact sizes that could be used.  It took less than 10 minutes to create 7 screen shot .jpg files.  It also wants icons 114x114 and a 512x512 (Kwik did that one).      Hope it doesn't take too long to get the final verification.  It's great to have a community of supporters and advisors.  See you later. Linda


    Congrats!  I did this a couple of weeks ago and it took about 2 days and our app was on the store.  Please post the name of your app.


    Congratulations Linda!! It is hard work, we all know and is fantastic that we are all together achieving great success. Good luck.


    Congratulations! Thanks for posting this–I'm very interested to hear about everyone else's experiences as I work on my own app. Keep us posted.


    Thank you All. Within 24 hours it was online.  And I have an Amazon message that it passed the tests for Non Amazon Android, Fire HDx7Wan (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen), Fire HD 8.9 WAN (2nd Gen), Fire HDX7 WiFi (3rd Gen), Fire HD 8.9 Wifi (2nd Gen), Fire HDx8.9 (3rd Gen), Fire HDX 8.9 WiFi (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire (1st Gen).  Since I want to take advantage of all their marketing options, I redid the screen shots at their recommendation of 1280 x720 at the resolution PS did for the originals of 254 res, instead of the original "true screen shots" of 1024x600@92res.  I haven't heard back on that resubmission.  But as far as the app went ... it was the apk rendered by Corona for review and it made it on the first try with Amazon.  The Name is ... ta da ... "A Star for Apple".  And it is in the Apps for Android section.         

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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