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Deleting recent projects and opening pages

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    I am reasonably new to Kwik and having two incredibly frustrating issues:
    1. Recent projects won’t delete. I’m hovering my mouse, clicking the box, pressing delete etc. but they won’t go. How can I get them to delete?? I’ve even deleted the subfolders of the projects but the recent projects remain

    2. I have photoshop files created that I want to move into the Kwik projects. I dragged and dropped a file into page 1 and it was fine. I created page 2 and tried it with the second file, but when I close Kwik and reopen the second page is blank, not even a blank page, just black (or the first time i tried this with all 11 pages, it only displayed one page.) Please help, even though I bought the tutorials which are ridiculously long winded and I have to spend hours listening to people go ‘errrrr uhhhhh what are we doing? ohhh….’ to get any information out of it, what they say to do doesn’t actually work. I have literally wasted hours and hours on this and am very seriously considering asking for a refund for everything.


    I’ve finally worked out the pages thing. Still not the delete recent projects. Any clues?


    Go to:

    Documents—- kwik (folder) — erase: “recentProjects.xml”


    You are a legend Angel thank you so much. My frustration had got the better of me!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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