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  • v1p_kokorin

    Hello guys.I got myself a copy of Kwik and my team and I are thrilled to get started with it and publish some of our awesome books. I am thinking towards the future and how we our apps will evolve and this got me thinking about injecting custom code into a kwik project OR using a kwik project as part of another parent project (or viceversa).For example:We are working on an app for kids. The app will have simple mini-games that are possible to do with Kwik, but we have some ideas about mini-games that are a bit more complex. We also want openFeint integration for some of those games. How difficult would be to integrate a custom package (a custom made mini-game programmed in Corona SDK) into a kwik project? is this possible? would it be possible to have an option in future releases that allows you to import a "custom package" or "custom function" that contains another game, which in its case would have a "re-direct" back into the Kwik project. Kind of like having a WordPress website with a forum hosted by a different provider (like Kwik does), and the forum having a link back to the original WordPress website. In the case of the app, Kwik could check whether the "custom package" contains a function called


    (or something like that), and if it does, it would be treated as a "compatible package" and be able to be used with a kwik project,; else, Kwik would flag it as not compatible. I think having an option like this would really allow more freedom and still retain the simplicity of the Kwik experience. Any thoughts?


    zeilk,In K2 you will be able to link with external libraries and even add external code in Kwik actions and buttons. However these changes cannot be added in the current Kwik structure.If you need the integration now, you need to follow some steps:- Finish you page in Photoshop and export it;- your dev team then add the necessary code (if you need to edit the Photoshop page and re-export it you will lose the entered external code)You can integrate Kwik pages with other (non-Kwik) ones (for example, Fire Cupid app was made this way). Best way to do that is to use director.lua to control the page flow.


    Perfect!! We may wait until 2.0. The current version of Kwik offers everything we need for the current scope of our project. THank you for the reply 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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