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  • pjrich

    It's something small, but if the cursor would automatically appear in the box used to name new pages, that would be great.  My project has 71 separate pages  ;D


    Will check that. Currently we set the OK button as the active place because most users simply accept the auto page naming…Looking forward to see your project. 71 pages!!! Wow!!! Can you share something??? We are very curious here 🙂


    This is my very first Corona project of any kind.  It is a journaling application intended to be a “homework” assignment that therapist can give to their clients (my wife and I are both psychologists).  It can also be used independently by anyone who would like the personal insight that can come from the journaling process.I learned a lot in developing this app.  First, I probably would not have made it a universal app because of the file size.  Even if I had developed it as two separate apps, I would still go in (as I am now doing to 70+ .lua files) and manually rewrite the code so that the app uses just one .png file as a background in order to cut down the file size.  Live and learn. 


    Interesting to read your experience. We never imagined Kwik for real app creation. Very curious in seeing your final project. As I mentioned in our video and blog about best practices, sometimes the Universal project is an illusion for people as some apps would never see the lights in the iPhone or iPad. It takes more time to compile, uses more space, you know the story now.For your info, v1.2 brings a lot of productivity features. We re-wrote the new page routine (the cursor is in the name now, as you requested), as well as we are allowing users to copy entire pages as new ones. Buttons can now go to NEXT and PREVIOUS pages automatically (instead of the need of one-by-one inform which page they should go).For the replacement of backgrounds in the all pages, I suggest you to finish your project then, using a editor simple use a find/replace feature to all files in the folder.I will add an option in our future feature list to set a background as DEFAULT to all page projects. At least for your future projects life would be easier.Alex


    “Interesting to read your experience. We never imagined Kwik for real app creation.” ??? Really?  As a newbie, I never imagined it as anything else but app creation!  Was/is your intent to have users make use of Kwik as part of a larger project?  I'm confused.  I'll email you one of the promo codes when/if I get approved for the app store.  The app is nothing fancy, and it will have a fairly limited distribution, I'm sure.  But it is good practice.  And thanks for the cursor thing and for making it so that one background can be set as DEFAULT.  I had not thought of the latter.


    Our main purpouse with Kwik was to help illustrators and comic designers to create interactive books and comics. Suddenly the community started to ask features that, although can be used in books, are more related to apps like yours. If you saw the first app made with Kwik, it is an app, not a child book or a comic. Now yours (and others are coming). Amazing…


    Perhaps it is because Kwik is the closest thing there is to a GUI for Corona.  I'm not a programmer, but I have created interactive apps with iShell and the now defunct Authorware put out by Macromedia. In short, I like having a GUI for app development.  I'm finding that I can do a lot of things with few code snippets and Kwik.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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