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Build in Mac

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  • Jorge

    I have a Windows PC with the latest versions of both Corona (Starter) and Kwik.
    The projects have been developed in that environment.
    Previewing the project in an Android device is simple and believe that publishing in the respective store is also simple.
    Now, how to do it for Apple (say iPAD)? I have also a portable Mac with xCode installed.
    Could some one please tell me the right process for previewing the apps in the iPAD and then publish it in the Apple Store?
    I have seen detailed explanations in the Kwik tutorials, but in those the assumption is that the project has been developed in a Mac platform, I understood.
    More specifically:
    -can I copy the project files (or simply the Build file) from the PC to the Mac and then publish/build from here. It assumes that I have also to install Corona (Starter) in the Mac?
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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