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  • v1p_kokorin

    Hello Alex (and everyone).My first app was accepted into the app store and I am excited for our upcoming app.In the first app, I just wanted to through things together to go through the Apple app distribution process, so I cut a lot of corners and made the interface very simple (especially because it was geared towards kids). But this time around, I would like to put some more time into making the app feel more native.I decided to explore some of my options (still in K1) to create interactive menus. I decided to use the following recipe:- Created in-app menu using shared assets, and hiding the layer by default- Made the buttons and assigned actions to the buttons- Assigned "hide" actions to the menu button to hide all of the buttons upon "closing" the menuI did run into some problems. And this may obviously be a limitation in K1, but I want to know if there is a way around it, so we can continue with our plans. My main concern is being able to save the settings of menus for later use. For example, if a user sets "spanish" to be the default language, that spanish will stay like that forever. Same with other options, such as audio, parental access mode, etc. Any ideas?Thanks;


    Honestly you cannot do it in Kwik 1 (save something “forever”) without coding. you need to save this info in an external file, then read it when the user start the app. These options are not offered out of the box with Kwik.Let me know when your app is approved. Looking forward to check it.


    Thanks Alex. We're almost there! We're polishing the interface and finishing up a couple of features. It looks gorgeous!One last question, a bit off topic, but along the lines of menu buttons. What's the best way to simulate the push-down effect on a button? K1 seems to execute actions "on-release" rather than "on-pressed". Can this be done in K1, or K2? I haven't been able to find it.Thanks;


    You can add the onPress using external code only.


    Ok. I will play with that once Sep. 18 comes around. So I am encountering another issue. I have a layer with an action to hide itself upon being touched. on top of that layer, I have another layer (button) that links to my twitter page. The problem I am having is that when I tap on the twitter icon, it executes the close action (from the layer bellow) instead. How does Kwik handle overlaying buttons?thanks.


    When two layers overlaps, both actions will be triggered (Corona/Kwik don't have ways to take the decision of which one should be started or not).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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