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Best Approach to Interactive Web Media?

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  • trenton_hunt

    Good Day,
    I’m wanting to know your thoughts on particular strengths of Kwik over Adobe Animate when it comes to publishing interactive art to the web. I have no issue using multiple apps in a pipeline, but having a better idea of where certain strengths lie will help me to not be all over the place.

    What I’m working towards are motion comics – the contents of which will be published as mobile apps and also online. Elements include light animation, captioning, and even some voice narration.



    When it comes to publishing interactive art to the web, (both Kwik/Solar2D and Adobe Animate use WebGL) I think Solar2D rendering is faster and better.

    Kwik’s external code or Solar2D shader makes animation with programming.


    Adobe Animate has a very good GUI for authoring and many good features for creating animation based on vector graphics. For Photoshop, which is raster-based, Adobe is enhancing generative fill, etc. into Photoshop in the age of generative AI. Let’s catch up generative AI.

    > mobile apps and also online.

    Solar2D is good at publishing mobile apps. I blogged once to use spritesheet from Adobe Animate in Kwik because Adobe Animate is better and easier to make animation.


    Kwik is a plugin for Photoshop to generate source codes and images for Solar2D because Solar2D is a 2.5D rendering engine not having GUI authoring.

    Adobe Animate can import Photoshop files. So you may or have been using such a workflow between Photoshop and Animate.

    We don’t have Flash Player on web browsers, so interactive contents with animation and voice narrations are missing sweet spots. Video content is playing a role of Flash but not interactive.

    Solar2D HTML5 has a plugin feature to interact with JavaScript. So if you are good at React or Vue, you can fill the missing features in Solar2D by JavaScript.


    If Adobe Animate satisfies your needs and graphics performance, it will be productive and easy to use to create contents. If you weigh on mobile apps, Kwik/Solar2D will be a choice.


    Thank you. This is very helpful guidance. Mobile apps are certainly in the plans, so I will lean into Kwik for that. And I’ll use Adobe Animate in parallel for the HTML side.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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