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  • Jorge

    Our app is almost finished. However, we are having a few problems that we have been trying hard to fix.
    Before the Kwik update, the sound replay button was missing. After the update, this button appears in certain pages, but it is random.

    On some pages the audio of the narration changes levels. For ex: I open page 2 and the narration begins at a very low level. If I press the sound button to replay the narration, the audio level is normal.
    On a certain page, the audio level changes randomly during the narration (Read to Me). It might start at its normal level and than become lower or vice versa.

    We’ve checked and double checked and we have no idea how we can fix these problems. This is all that we need to do to have our app finished.

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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