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Audio volume goes down on sound effect in beta on iPad

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    I'm on my last Beta version of my app. Worked all issues and want to submit to Apple this week. But I noticed an audio issue with sound effect that's on a trigger.It's Santa's voice 'ho, ho, ho'. After multiple plays on my iPad his voice (the volume of the audio track) has dropped where it is almost impossible to hear it.A little history. The volume of the original audio of the mp3 was too, I thought, high so I reprocessed it in Soundbooth and dropped the DB level. This version in the end was too low so I swapped out the lower DB version with the old one in the build folder. Swapping audio out of the build folder has worked fine with other sound effect audio files so I'm not sure if this would be the reason the audio level drops after a few plays in the beta on the iPad.


    Are you using Kwik 1 or Kwik 2? I suggest you to check the Lua code for the page where the audio resides and double-check if the audio channel for the audio file is the same across the code (for example, if audio starts to play in channel 1, check if all other references for the audio keeps the channel as 1).


    Kwik 1. I downloaded Kwik 2 last night, but I want to finish this one in Kwik 1.Thanks for the tip. I will check tonight when I get home.Worst case scenario I should just re-export the page with audio, correct?thanks Alex.




    Cool. Will check Lua, but will probably just re-export after that to save myself anymore headaches.Looking forward to submitting to Apple finally.thanks.


    Alex,I cleaned out the build folder and re-exported ALL the pages to bring in the fixed audio. Sounded good in the simulator so I created a new beta app and downloaded to my iPad. The first play was the READ TO ME link. The audio sounded the same as the problem version. I then used the READ MYSELF link and the new audio played and everything sounded fine. Going back to the READ TO ME link played the crappy version and then going BACK to the READ MYSELF the crappy audio played there too.Then, after shutting the iPad off and then back on, the beta app now plays the GOOD audio in both the READ TO and READ MYSELF links. I will continue to play the app to see if it switches to the crappy audio again. I will update this post later tonight, but I would like to know if you have experienced anything like this. Why would the old audio play if I deleted all the files in the builder folder and re-exported everything.thanks


    Played beta app of iPad several times. The volume of all problem sound effects tracks still lower until you can barely hear them. After turning iPad off and restarting and audio tracks played fine again. That's where I'm at now. too late now so I will see what happens tomorrow. Any ideas?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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