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    Not sure if this was mentioned already but if I add an audio file to a page it keeps looping even when I swipe or click to the next page. Could you add some options to the >Add Audio window? Each of my pages has narration and I want to delay the start of the audio file for 2 seconds after the page loads. I don't want it looping, just play one time. I also want to loop a sound effect say three times. Would it be possible to have a loop and delay selection?I just found something else. I made a button that plays the audio/narration. the problem is that each tap of the button plays the audio again, overlapping the one already playing. How do you fix that so the button doesn't load the audio again until it has played through?Thanks!  


    Thanks for the suggestions. New audio options (loop and delay) coming with version 1.1 (check video at http://www.youtube.com/kwiksher)Your second request is a little trick as there are situations where you need the button to overlapping the audio again. I am adding it to the feature wish list.


    Fantastic! Thanks for your quick responses.A Wish List item --What about draggable buttons? As an example, I want someone to be able to pick an apple from a tree and put it in a basket.Thanks!


    Would you like draggable buttons or draggable elements (no matter if it is a button or not)?


    I guess I mean an element although I would like to attach some type of audio sound effect when I press/drag and then again when I release the element. Using the apple picking example again, I would like to add a picking sound when I press the apple and then once I drag it to the basket and release, it makes a different sound.


    Got it. Difficulty here is to “teach” the app what to do when “user pick” something and what happens when “user release” something over another object. We will need to add logic to Kwik (a feature already in our list for future releases).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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