multiple text

multiple text sync with audio in a page

See page3 and page4 in the sample project. In page2, you added an audio as ReadMe but if you need multiple text layers to be synchronized with audio files, Don’t set an audio file as ReadMe.

Here is the setting for multiple text sync in a page,

You can click the cat image or the roof image to play the text sync


catTxt layer with Sync Audio and Text

cat layer is a button


cat layer should be placed lower than catTxt layer because the cat button should be created before the sync2text. Kwik renders from the bottom to the top layer in Layer panel.


SetLanguage is applied to each layer.

When the setLanguage is applied, selecting playSync in button works with the language group. In the button of cat layer, all you have to do is to make one Play Sync with catTxt. If user selects English, it play catTxt, and if Japanese, it automatically switches to play catJp with jp_cat.mp3.

That’s all