Multilingual Animations

The animation setting to the witch of English is applied to the other three witches. You don’t have to create 4 animations. Just one animation is reused but the image is changed according to the language selection.

Animation set with language

witch, witch_sp, with_ja and witch_pt will animate with user’s selected language.

Animation > Linear animation to witch layer

Linear Animation window and the name is set as linear_witch

This animation will be reused with each Language.

Animation with Language

By setting language to a layer with a language group, the layer will be displayed when the languge is selected. Let’s begin to set English to the witch layer and create a new language group.

Set Language window,

witch_sp, witch_ja, witch_pt will be the member of the group of witch

Now the animation setting of witch is ready to be applied to witch_sp, witch_pt and witch_ja according to the selected language.

Button to start witch animation

Finally configure the button to start the animation. The button is displayed according to the selected language. The button setting contains Set Language option inside the button window. You can sign the language to each button and set the linear animation from the button window.

Firstly select butFly layer and click Interaction > Add button

In Add Button Window, Name is but_Fly and Over state is butFlyOver is selected

Next create each button for butFly_sp. Select butFly_sp layer, Play Animation linear_witch in each button as same as linear_witch of English animation.

Next page of the tutorial explains how to check it with device.