Read To Me

Multilingual Audio & Text

Readme audio files - Page2

the file name of each readme audio files must start with ID(2 chars) otherwise it fails.

Click the page2 on Kwik panel to open the page 2, and now you can register those readme audio files to the page opened.

Project and Pages > Add audio. Select en_narration.mp3 with Browse button

Save the setting

Add Japanese, Spanish and Portugal readme audio files as well. Don’t forget to set the language.

Sync Audio and Text replacement

Audacity label files are created according to each audio file.

For Spanish,

For English,

For Japanese,

For Portugal,

Sync audio and text will be attached to English father layer. Select father layer to set Sync Audio&Text,

Sync Audio and text window appears.

Click Create to save the setting.

Do the same Sunc Audio and Text replacement for father_ja, father_sp and father_pt layers. Set each Audio(xx_narration) and Audacity labes(xx_labels.txt) and the text highlit color as yellow.

Set Language to a layer

In page1, user clicks one of Read to me button and one language is selected. In page2, the text and read me audio is displayed according to the selected language. The other language layers not selected should not be displayed.

Select father layer and set language as English. In Set Language window,

the new group creates a language group of father. father_ja, father_sp and father_pt will belonged to the group of father.

Each father_xx is belonged to father group and one of the layer in the father group will be chosen to user choice.

Next page of the tutorial explains how to change the animation according to the language selection.