Laungage Menu

Multilingual settings

Add Languages

You find Languages tab from Project properties

Click Add new language icon,

set Language Name and ID.

Repeat to add Spanish, Japanese and Portugal

P.S. ID(2 char) should be the ones defined in iOS and android OS. For example, Japanese ID is ja not jp. Another problem is about iOS’s pt-BR. It is the language code for portuguese in Brazil. You may have to be aware pt and pt-BR exist. In the last page of this tutorial, I explains how to handle pt and pt-BR together.

Read to me button in page1

Select butRead_en layer in Page1. Let’s set it as a button.

In Add Button window, set Name as but_en and select Interactions: Set Language

Go to Language > Set Language

In Set Language window, choose English and disable Reload Page. page1 is the title page and the button will open the page2. Thus it is unnecessary to reload page1.

Next add Interactions:Read to me. This enables Read to me. You can find it from Audio

In Set Read to Me window, Enable Read to Me and Go to NEXT page automatically, both of them are checked

Now you can save the two button actions.

Make Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese buttons as well.

Next page of the tutorial explains how to switch the audio and the text according to the language selection.