Project Files

Multilingual Project

if you have not known Read to me features of Kwik, please go to [Misc Snowman Tutorial] (../misc/snowman.html) and you find the following sections

Project Files

The multi lingual tutorial deals four languages. You can find the sample from Kwik Samples. It contains the following files and the final build lua and image files for your reference.

To follow this tutorial, please find the following files in the project folder photoshop files

readme audio files

timecodes(Audacity label) files

Open page1.psd in photoshop

.psd is 768 x 1024 so you can create a new Kwik project with iPad Mini

Select New project

New Project window. Set the following properties,

Open Page2.psd and add it to the kwik project

Project and Pages > Add new page

Add page windows, enter title page2 and Use page2.psd checked. Click OK

Switch to Pages view and you see page1 and page2

page1 layers

langTxt device’s language setting will be displayed
Candice  Title text
butRead_sp Spanish button
butRead_pt Portugal button
butRead_ja Japanese button
butRead_en English button
kwkwitch  an image
kwkcover backgroound image

page2 layers

father_ja Japanese text
father_pt  Portugal text
father_sp  Spanish text
father English text
butFlyOver_jp  Roll over image for Japanese button
butFly_ja Japanese button
butFlyOver_pt  Roll over image for Portugal button
butFly_pt Portugal button
butFlyOver_sp  Roll over image for Spanish button
butFly_sp Spanish button
butFlyOver   Roll over image for English button
butFly English button
witch  English witch
witch_sp  Spanish witch
witch_ja  Japanese witch
witch_pt  Portugal witch
kwkcover   background image


Publish images before working to add interactions/readme settings. Export images icons enabled in orange color and Publish

After publishing the lua and image files , you may click Compress PNG files. It will save the file size of the app.

Check it with Corona Simulator. Kwik automatically opens Corona simulator. If you like to open manually, you can open it from File menu or click Open from Corona simulator. Then Browse main.lua

Swipe to navigate between the pages

Then disable Export image. The icon color should be in gray. It is faster for kwik to publish lua codes for buttons, readme, animations and so on without re-creating image files.

Next tutorial explains how to add the interactions to page1.