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Page Curl

You find page_common_curl.lua and page_swipe_curl.lua in tmplt/components/pagexxx folder. These files are the substitutes for page_common.lua and page_swipe.lua. You can delete the default page_common.lua and page_swipe.lua and then rename page_common_curl.lua and page_swipe_curl.lua as page_common.lua and page_swipe.lua.

The original copies of page_common.lua and page_swipe.lua are page_common_original.lua and page_swipe_original.lua

If you like to specify the time duration of AutoPlay for each page, please add your timeTable in page_common.lua. Please check the page_common.lua in the sample project for example.

You may add sound when page is curing. Please enable flip_audio as true and put your audio file in build4/assets/audios/ directory and set the audio file name to audio.loadSound function. This uses page-flip-02.wav for example.

Another example of Page Curl is here


page_swipe_curl.lua has the interface to call page curl effect

UI.autoPlayCurl = function(act_autoPlay)
    if UI.curPage < UI.numPages then
      back.angle_radians = math.pi/10
      back.edge_x, back.edge_y =  0.9, 0.5
      Grabbed({target=back, dir="right"})
      if flip_audio then
          local laserChannel = laserSound )
       end, {edge_x=0, time=1000, transition=easing.inOutSine, onComplete = act_autoPlay})

When auto play is executed, it calls UI.autoPlayCurl in page_common_curl.lua

  if (UI.allAudios.kAutoPlay > _K.kAutoPlay*1000) then
           _K.timerStash.timer_AP = timer.performWithDelay(
             UI.allAudios.kAutoPlay + _Delay ,
              end , 1 )
           _K.timerStash.timer_AP = timer.performWithDelay( _K.kAutoPlay*1000,
            end , 1 )