Part 3 - External Code

Part 3 - External Library and Code - Kwik

please update Kwik4 to the latest upate - 2018.1109 or later


if you want to display message in a text layer of a page instead of native.showAlert, it can be done with associating notifiedMessage variable to a dynamic text replacement.

when a message is received, open the page with showOverlay function

however, push notification comes anytime, it would be a trouble when the page with the dynamic text is not loaded yet. You may open the page by composer.showOverlay function. For instance, if you want to show the pushed message on page1, use the init code below

Bookshelf Embedded project

├── App
│   ├── TOC
│   ├── book01
│   └── book02
├── build.settings
├── config.lua
├── extlib
├── lib
└── main.lua