Timed Gesture

Timed Gesture

you can download the sample project from

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button and action

when timed layer is pressed for 5 seconds, it triggers an action. Let’s create the button and the action with the following names.

Create a action - act_timed

For instance, you can set actions like gotoPage, animations etc. The sample project sets editImage to enlarge the txt 150%

Create a button - but_timed

the button’s action is one external codes. Click Code > External codes and select a file from Browse button


When the timedBtn is pressed for 5 seconds, it fires the action_act_timed event. If you created the action with a different name, please change the name of dispatchEvent parameter. It should be action_{YOUR_ACTION_NAME}


if layer.timedBtn.type == "press" then
    _K.timed = 0
    _K.timerStash.timedGestureTimer = timer.performWithDelay(1000, function ()
        if _K.timed == 5 or _K.message == "Released" then
            _K.message = "Released"
            _K.timed = _K.timed + 1
            _K.message = _K.timed .."s"
        end, 6)
else -- release
    print("release", _K.message)
    if _K.message == "Released" then
        _K.timed = 0
        _K.message = _K.timed .."s"
    _K.timerStash.timedGestureTimer = nil

Edit button

lua for adding onRelease = onTimeBtnEventRelease. Kwik4 publishes the button’s codes in the following file. You need to add onRelease function and set it to the newButton function.

onTimeBtnEventRelease function is added. Layer.timeBtn.type is “release”

            local function ontimedBtnEventRelease(self)
                if layer.timedBtn.enabled == nil or layer.timedBtn.enabled then
                    layer.timedBtn.type = "release"
                -- but_timed(layer.timedBtn)
                UI.scene:dispatchEvent({name="timedBtn_button_but_timed", layer=layer.timedBtn })

onRelease = ontimedBtnEventRelease is added to the newButton function

            layer.timedBtn = widget.newButton {
                id          = "timedBtn",
                defaultFile = _K.imgDir..imagePath,
                overFile    = _K.imgDir.."p1/timedover.png",
                width       = imageWidth,
                height      = imageHeight,
                onPress     = ontimedBtnEvent,
                onRelease   = ontimedBtnEventRelease

make it as custom file.

Next time you publish the project, you lost your change. So copy the lua file to the custom folder and keep it.

copy timedBtn_button_but_timed.lua to the following Destination

ref https://kwiksher.com/doc/tutorials/kwik/programming/tmplt_and_customization