Comic Simple

A Four Panel Cartoon

A simple cartoon tutorial. You may publish it for HTML5. Please download the latest Kwik4

Here is the sample project I made up.

Special thanks to Dott Inc for a cartoon sample. You can read their stories in FB of Dott Inc

unzip and run build4/main.lua with corona simulator to review. The cartoon starts automatically one panel by one panel in 3 seconds and ends with the whole image

Page 1

page1 consists of the following layers

these names(-panels, balloons, background) are used in the lua files, so don’t change them.

The size of the background layer of this sample is 1280x1920 including the four panel cartoon on the grey painted area. You may enlarge it for iPhoneX if necessary, please read Photoshop Settings for more information.

the layer group of “balloon” contains balloons of panels.

panel balloon
1 b11, b1
2 b21, b22
3 b3
4 b41, b42

For your own cartoon


Project&Pages > Action to create an action. It is named as act_init

From Code, choose External Code to set auto.lua


create a timer which starts when the page is loaded and calls act_init

auto.lua is the external code to start the panel transition on the page

local panels = require("components."".page_meta_panels")
panels:start(1, false)

Page Properites - Comic

Enable Comic Page checkbox.

Build for HTML5

That’s all, Publish and Enjoy!