Twitter, Facebook

Posting to SNS

if you have not done Canvas tutorial yet. See Canvas tutorial

This is experimental to send a screenshot to facebook or twitter Twitter and Facebook book Rest APIs are used. Please login each developer site to register apps.


Go and click Create New App on the right hand corner

For instance, kwik Social Demo app is created, Callback URL is

From Keys and Access Tokens Tab, you find Consumer key(API key) and Consumer Secret(API Secret) which are set in controller/twitter.lua


Go and Add a New App

Choose Website in Add a New App window

For instance, I created Kwik Social Demo. Settings Site URL is You find App ID and App Secret which are used in contoller/facebook.lua

Adding External Code

In SocailNetwork Folder, you find the following folders and lua files.

Open controller folder, and open twitter.lua and facebook.lua with a text editor. Let’s set the keys of twitter and facebook.

then copy lib and controller folders to the build folder.

Add Main.lua Externl Code from Project and Pages

Set main_code.lua

Now you can make twitter layer as a button with external code. Create twitter button with post_tw_code.lua

Now you can make facebook layer as a button with external code. Create facebook button with post_fb_code.lua

Now you can make logoutBtn layer as a button with external code. Create logout button with logout_code.lua

That’s all. Publish and you can test facebook and twitter post with corona simulator.