Scroll Objects And Text

Scroll Objects And Text

Learn how to use features: Scroll objects and Text replacements.

.psd is 1024 x 768 you can create a new kwik project with iPad mini.


put Rectangle1, Rectangle2 and Rectangle3 into a group. Select three rectangles layers on Layer panel of photshop and click create group from project and pages

Viewable area

the pink rectangle is the area for scroll object to be set.

Select Rectangle2 and then click scroll object from Interactions on kwik panel.

Notice the width and height of Rectangle2. They are 452 x 300 pt

Select Group to choose gp_Rectangles group. Select Manual and enter the following values to configure scroll widget.

Done. Preview in the simulator

Scroll text

Now turn it off Rectangles invisible and create a scrollable text.

select Article layer and use Text Replacement of Layers and Replacements.

Select Article layer and click Scroll object from Interactions

Select Paragraph. This set the scroll widget viewable area as the same height and width of the photoshop layer. If you choose Object, the area of the text object created at the runtime will be applied and it would be different to the area in photoshop.