The demo file in this tutorial was created by Leonardo Amora, owner of You can download the source files here. Updated for Kwik4

User clicks the button 1, 2 or 3 to match the number at Tip: 33133211 and You Won!! is displayed

The psd size is for 1024x768 so let’s create a kwik project with iPad Mini.

Dynamic Texts & Variables

these functions enables a text layer to display the value of a variable.

Create variables

Dynamic Text Replacement

Let’s assign the variables to the text layers.

External Code - createDica.lua

it intiates the value to numDica. The value is random 8 digits.

UI.numDica = math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)..math.random(1,3)


OK button to check LCD variables equals to numDica variable. Clear button to clear the input. Each 1, 2, 3 button to add the number to LCD.

OK Button

the logic is like this

if LCD == numDica then
    Show Win

Clear Button

it clears LCD variable to empty string.

Number 1,2,3 Button

the logic is like this

if LCD length <= 7 then
   LCD = LCD.."1"

it concatinates LCD text string with the input number

For the button number 2, use UI.LCD ..“2”,

For the button number 3, use UI.LCD ..“3”,

Hide Win layer

Win layer should be transparent when the page starts

Hide layer: Win

that’s all.