Dragging With Flip

Dragging With Flip

When completed, you will achieve this effect for according to the drag orientation, the witch change the face direction.


drag from right to letf

drag from left to right

page1.psd 768x1024 if creating a new project with Kwik4, use iPad Mini.

The two layers in this page are:

Enabling the drag

Select the layer kwkwitch, then go to (in the Toolset area) Interactions, and pick Drag object. It will open the following window:

Enter a name for your drag component, select the Layer kwkswitch checkbox.

Then, enable the Auto flip images checkbox (this will do all the magic for you) and set the Original direction to Left (as you can see, the witch image is pointing to the left).

Save it pressing the Create button.

Publish your project and enjoy the results!