Project Properties

Book Shelf Type

Monetization > In-App Purchase

Firstly at In-App Purchase panel, choose unlock Bookshef Book and then clock + icon to add a new product

It opens the add new product window

Add book names with the following rule for ID

for instance, book01 consists of 6 pages and the description “book01 information test”. This description will be used in INFO page

Shelf page


{book name}Icon* layer will load {book name}’s thumbnail image and purchase/saving/saved/download buttons are attached dynamically when the app runs.

for instance, book01 and book02 are registered in In-App Purchase table in Project properties, book01Icon and book02Icon are created.


Need to create the following layers with the names because store/UI.lua references each layer name by the name, don’t use another name of your own. The interactions are automatically attached by store/UI.lua


create restoreBtn layer. The interactions are automatically attached by store/UI.lua

INFO page

the following layers are created. The interactions are automatically attached by store/UI.lua

text replacement

infoTxt layer needs to be text replacement.

Page Properties for pageA, pageB, pageC

The new attribute - Template Page is checked on. The images and audio files are loaded from the downloaded zip at the runtime. Static images, buttons, sync&audio interactions uses the assets in the zip.

Title page


Text1.mp3 and Text1.txt (audacity file) are used. These files are replaced for p{Num}_Text1.mp3 and p{Num}_Text1.txt



the goto buttons are created.