Other Lua files


if you want to change the spinner animation during downloading the contents, please edit spinner.lua in extlib folder

Things to be implemented in future

This model.lua generated the values from Project Properties > Monetization Table. If you want to add more products from your host server dynamically, you may need to implement an add-product function and then you can pass the json or the xml table data from the server to the function. You may aso need to to save the updated tables in local storage.

Also modify components/store/UI.lua for dynamically loading model data. It is making the thumbnail from model.lua and it depends on the layer naming bookXXIcon. If layer.bookXXIcon exists, the image and the purchase/saving/download/saved buttons are generated for bookXX. So you need to make codes for the thumbnail images dynamically with the buttons to be placed in order.

    function UI:create(_episode)
        local layer = self.layer
        local overlay = self.overlay
        print("ui create")
        function setButton(layer, button, episode)
        if _episode then -- infoPage
        else -- TOC
            for k, episode in pairs( model.episodes) do
                -- print(
                local button = layer["Icon"]
                if button then
                    setButton(layer, button, episode)