Book shelf - Template

The bookshelf app is a kind of simple browser. It loads the image assets of each book to the pre-made pages. The trick is to use the same layer names between the pre-made template page and the actual book page.

You create a bookshelf master project and each book project separately.

So you can load the books as many as you like via Internet without updating the Bookshelf app.

For Each book project or TOC project, Ultimate configuration of Kwik4 is default. New Universal or other configuration of Kwik3 are not supported.

Demo App

The sample project is here. Inside the zip, you find the following folders


Please copy the folders to ~/Documents/Kwik/ folder

Boo01 and Book02 thumbnail images are loaded from the http server. Purchase buttons are displayed. If user click the thumbnail image, it brings up the INFO page

INFO page with purchase button

IAP purchase dialog

When the purchase is completed, the status is changed as Saved and if user clicks the thumbnail image, it goes to Book01

Book01 Title page

Book01 second page

Master pages - BookShelfTmplt project

TOC page shows the thumbnail of each book.

INFO shows a book image and the IAP buttons and information text

page A shows the two shapes and the one text layer with sync audio. These assets will be replaced when one book is downloaded and loaded to Bookshelf app. The position of each image of the book will be specified in json text.

page B shows the one layer with rotation animation. The rotation animation will be applied the image with the same layer name of the book page.

page C shows the navigation buttons.


page1 - Title. this title - bg.png will be displayed in the thumbnail view of the TOC in Book shelf master

page2 uses page A and the images - Shape1 and Shape2, the audacity text and readme audio are zipped in the book1.zip, They are loaded to Book shelf master app. You need to use the same layer names of page A in the master project.

page3 uses page B

page4 uses page B

page5 uses page A

page6 uses page C

book01/assets.zip contains the following images and assets.

BookShelf Layers Assets
1 title bg,title
2 pageA bg, Shape1, Shape2, Text1 p2_Text1.txt p2_Text1.mp3
3 pageB bg, Shape1
4 pageB Shape1, bg
5 pageA Shape1, bg p5_Text1.txt p5_Text1.mp3
6 pageC gotoTOC, gotoTitle, gotoNextBook, gotoPreviousBook


book02/assets.zip contains the following images and assets.

BookShelf Layers Assets
1 title title, bg
2 pageB Text1, Shape1
3 pageC gotoTOC, gotoTitle, gotoNextBook, gotoPreviousBook