Server Assets



After published your Book’s projects, you can use compress_assets/main.lua


local command = require("compress_assets")

command.setServerFolder("macos", "bookshelf")
--command.setServerFolder("win32", "bookshelf")

-- the name of Kwik project and the name of In App Purchase product
local books = {
    {project = "Book01", serverFolder = "book01"},
    {project = "Book02", serverFolder = "book02"},

-- Use Online Images needs an image file
local onLineImages = {
    {project = "Book01", serverFolder = "book01", image = "build4/assets/images/p1/bg@4x.png"},
    {project = "Book02", serverFolder = "book02", image = "build4/assets/images/p1/bg@4x.png"},

Notice: if the master app is set with multiple languaes, and Use Online Image is true, the book’s thumbnail image is requested with lang ID. For instance,


Please prepare a http-server and put the contents of BookServer folder.


(base) ymmtnyMac:Kwik ymmtny$ cd BookServer
(base) ymmtnyMac:BookServer ymmtny$ http-server
Starting up http-server, serving ./
Available on:
Hit CTRL-C to stop the server

Update an asset

compress_assets/main.lua has command.updateAsset function

-- update page1, videos 
local project      = "Book02"
local serverFolder = "book02"
local page         = 1
local type         = "images"

--   command.updateAsset(project, serverFolder, page, type)


About Kwik

Kwik assets are stored in build4/assets folder

other modification of Layer replacements