KwikShelf Plugin

BookShelfEmbedded - KwikShelf

You find the copy script to collect the published lua files of BookTOC, Book01, Book02. The script copies the files to App folder.

Then run main.lua

    │  ├─book01
    │  ├─book02
    │  └─TOC

main.lua is just one line to load “TOC” of App. That’s all.

require("plugin.KwikShelf").start("TOC", 1)

this project is not a normal Kwik project. You need a text edtitor to edit main.lua if you like to change it. All you have to do is just to write the one line of code. App folders contains the build4 files from BookTOC, Book01 and Book02.

Also you need to add your icons files.

copy.bat copy.commnad

book01 and book02 are downloadable.

However if you do not check the mark in Downloadable Book Project checkbox. The book asset must be embedded in the master app.

Please notice the following part in the script of copy

KwikShelf Plugin

The sample contains Kwikshelf plugin for trial.

Kwikshelf plugin is available from KwikShelf - the corona plugi markket.

the book01 and book02 projects are configured as downloadable book project. From the TOC project, the book assets are downloaded if user purchase the book.

If you uncheck the downloadable book project check box, you need to copy the assets folders of the project to the App folder. For instance, If book01 and book02 are not downloadable project, you manually copy the assets folder to App/book01, App/book02 folder and then you may use the codes like this to open book01.

    local ui = require("")


You may need to add permissions for your app. The following permissions are default

    android  = {
      usesPermissions  = {


please add google license key for android device.

   license =
            google =
                key = "Please set your google license key",

more information is here

copy scripts

copy.bat (WIN)

rm -d -R App
mkdir App

cp -R ../BookTOC/build4 App/TOC
rm App/TOC/main.lua
rm App/TOC/config.lua
rm App/TOC/build.settings
rm App/TOC/assemble.command
rm App/TOC/assemble.bat

    cp -R ../$1/build4 App/$2
    rm -d -R App/$2/assets
    rm App/$2/main.lua
    rm App/$2/config.lua
    rm App/$2/build.settings
    rm App/$2/assemble.command
    rm App/$2/assemble.bat

MyCopy Book01 book01
MyCopy Book02 book02

copy.command (MAC)

@echo off

rmdir /s /q  App
mkdir App

xcopy  ..\BookTOC\build4 App\TOC /D /S /R /Y /I /K
del App\TOC\main.lua
del App\TOC\config.lua
del App\TOC\build.settings
del App\TOC\assemble.command
del App\TOC\assemble.bat

call :MyCopy Book01 book01
call :MyCopy Book02 book02
exit /b

echo %1
xcopy  ..\%1\build4 App\%2 /D /S /R /Y /I /K
rmdir /s /q App\%2\assets
del App\%2\main.lua
del App\%2\config.lua
del App\%2\build.settings
del App\%2\assemble.command
del App\%2\assemble.bat
exit /b