this tutorial covers importing a particles file and editing particles. Editing feature is only available for who purchased Kwik license.

Particle editing of Kwik is called Kaboom in Kwik3.


Learn how to import particle effects from Particle Designer 2 (a product by 71 Squared) into Kwik.

Solar2D Sample

You can view various particle samples with Corona Simulator. Select Sample Project > Graphics > EmitterViewer

This zip contains the same json/image files which can be imported to Kaboom. Please download and use it

Import Particle Designer file

You can get Particle Designer from 71 Squared


You can edit a fancy particle animation if you have paid for Kwik license. See Price and License

There is Create Paticles Icon for editing particles.

Change Texture image in defalut settings

Now we replace the default texture image. I created a simple star png.

If you want to have each particle in the same colour as the original PNG

That’s all.

Enjoy creating colorful particles.