Create Group

Create Group

As the name states, Groups are used to group layers and nested groups in the final code. For example, you can have a group of layers animating together as a group.

To use properly, select the layers you want to group in Photoshop and then click the Create Group button. The following window appears:

If, later, you need to add other layers in the group, click the + (more) button to select it (another option is to select all layers again, including the new ones, and re-create the group).

Use the Trash (delete) button to delete a selected layer from the Members list.

Layer name with dash(-)

Groups always render after all layers, which may cause some issues depending your design. If need to “force” the position of a group between layers, create an empty layer and name it with dash and the group name. For example, if you want a group named myGroup, create an empty layer in the position you want the group created and rename the layer to -myGroup