New Project

New Project

When the New Project button is clicked, the follow window will show up:

For the project Name, follow the “Before you start” instructions, avoiding names with spaces and characters different that the A-Z, 0-9 range. Do not name projects starting with numbers also.


When creating a new project, Ultimate Config is default. It is optimized screen resolution for various devices and @2x, @4x images are produced. Ultimate Config is the most popular configuration of Solar2D.

If your audience is iPad users only, just create a project for iPad Air only.

Universal/New Universal project from Kwik3 is optimsed better for iPad but Ultimate Config is a little bit better for both iPhone/iPad.

ref. guidlines(/getting_startted/guidelines/)


it sets the project to Portrait or Landscape mode.

Copy Project

it allows you to select a previous project that will be used as template for this new project. This is a good option when you want to port a project to a different platform or have a similar app that can be speed up with a previous content.

Edit project properties

upon creation automatically it opens the Project Properties window after the project folder is created.