Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste

You can select multiple items to copy and paste.


Select the component you want to copy and click the Copy button;


Paste happens differently according the copied component and the selected layer. The potential scenarios are:

actions, variables, etc

For example, you may want to copy an action or an audio to other pages. To do so, copy the action you want following the instructions above. Then go to the desired page (or stay in the same page if you want the component copied there) then click the Paste button. The following window will appear:

Although Kwik automatically captures and show the copied element id, it is always interesting to enter the Identification name for the component (if you use the same name, conflicts may happen, depending on the copied component) and click Paste.

buttons, animations, etc

For example, you copied the contents of a button attached to a layer named “goRight” and now you want the same content applied to a layer named “goLeft”.

Clicking Paste, the following window appears. Proceed to click Create button.

Import button, you can select a xml file which has been produced by Copy button. Browse to open temp folder of your project root.

You may edit ID and select a layer to be pasted

If you want the copied component in all pages, select the Paste in all pages checkbox.

Important: the copy/paste feature only works for component content, meaning (if applicable) you are in charge of copy/paste all image layers into the new pages. Also, you must always check/edit the content of the pasted components as they may be pointing to different sources of data (variables, actions, etc). Pasting a component will save exactly the same data it has in its original source.