Sprite Sheet Replacement

Sprite Sheet Replacement

The Sprite Sheet Replacement window allows you to configure a sprite sheet (to learn more about sprite sheets, check this tutorial that will appear in replacement of the original layer content. For example, you can replace a blank rectangle image from your layer with a sprite sheet in your final project. Select the layer you want to replace and click the Sprite Sheet replacement. The following window appears:

Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size). It is important to match the same layer content size and position with the final sprite sheet size.

Import coordinates from External Tool

If you created your sprite sheet file from a tool like Texture Packer, and the frames of each image are not fixed (sprite sheets can have fixed size frames or they can be optimized removing all empty spaces around the images), you will need to import the Lua file created from the tool, containing the information about each frame. Use the Browse button to find it.

Manual entry panel

only if you are using same size frames .this is not necessary if you create your sprite sheet file from an external tool:

If you created your sprite sheet file with same size frames, enter the following:

Sequences list

it shows all created sequences.

To create a sequence, just enter all the information needed in the Sequence fields then press the (+) PLUS icon.

If you need to edit one of them, click the row and edit the parameters, and press the (+) icon.

For moving up/down an row of sequences table, or for deleting a sequence, you can click Select icon. Then you can able to select a row to be deleted or to move up/down.

Create @2 sheet file