Linear Animation

Linear Animation

When selected, the Linear Animation will open the following window


Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size). It is important to understand that animations will always use the current position of the layer, group or page as starting point.

Animations end position can be:

Enabling breadcrumbs allow the user to see dots (rectangular or circular) behind the animated object, while it is animating.

Optional Audio/Action panel:

Page & Group coordinates and Anchor Point

Normally Kwik sets the poistion of layer (X, Y) from Photoshop. It is the top left corner of layer as (X, Y) and you can change the values where to be translated to.

For instance, Layer moon2 is located at (788, 461) with width 472, height 534.

if you select the entire Page for linear animation, (x, y) is (0, 0) as default


For Group linear animation, as you see gp_moon contains the three moons. The center point of the group is little bit away (8, -4) from the center of screen. I can say it is almost the center of screen.

Group is different to a normal layer and Page(the entire screen). Because group contains muliple layers, Kwik calcurates the center point of the group from the poistions of layers in the group and finally sets the (x, y) values on Linear animation panel as the distance from the center of the screen to the center of a group.

You can input the value how much to be translated from the center of the screen. The reason why uses the distance from the center is rooted about anchor point.

For more inforamtion,

For instance, gp_moon is located at (8, -4) from the center of the screen, if you like to move the bottom left corner, input the numeric value of width/2 and height/2. If you screen size is 2048,1536. The value will be 1024, 768

Page anchor point

Page ’s anchor point is at (0,0) at the top left corner. The center point of rotation is at (0,0) as default.

So the rotation does not happen using the center point of the screen. If you like to rotate around the center of the screen, create a group of Kwik and put the layers into them.