Installing Kwik

If not Corona SDK installed, please install Corona SDK before installing Kwik

Kwik’s installation file is available at > Downloads.


When you download from Kwiksher, it contains the zxp file and the following scripts.

  • kwik4.zxp
  • for MAC
  • Kwik4_installer_win.bat for Windows

install_kwik.command is an internal file. Don't need to use it. It is automatically called from the script.

Just click the one of the script to run. For instance on Mac, you will the following dialog

Dialog appears

Asks for password

Dialog of completion

Kwik4 supports Adobe Photsohop CC2014, CC2015, CC2015.5, CC2017 and CC2018

ZXPInstaller (Option)

If you have been using ZXPInsaller since CC 2015 Adobe Extension Manager was not available. You can continue to use ZXPInstaller to install Kwik.

Photoshop Preference

please check the photoshop preference, plugin generator and allow internet connection.


Delete the folder of com.kwiksher.kwik4 manually


  • \Library\Application Support\Adobe\CEP\Extensions\com.kwiksher.kwik4


  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\com.kwiksher.kwik4

For ZXPInstaller users

If you use ZXPInstaller to install Kwik, please run the following command with Terminal application


Need to enable the following setting in terminal console. Please open Teminal App(Mac) or Command Prompt(Window) and copy & paste the following lines to the console.

If you use CC2018 only, just copy&Paste the single line with CSXS.8


reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.6" /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d "1" /f

reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.7" /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d "1" /f

reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.8" /v PlayerDebugMode /t REG_SZ /d "1" /f


defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.7 PlayerDebugMode 1

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.8 PlayerDebugMode 1


Drag&Drop Kwik4.zxp onto ZXPInstaller

that's all.

EXManCMD (Optional)

ZXPInstaller uses offical adobe command EXManCMD. If ZXPInstaller fails, You can use Adobe's original ExManCmd from console.

  1. Download ExManCmd



  2. unzip the file

You find the ExManCmd in the following folder.




├── MacOS
│   ├── ExManBridgeTalkCmd
│   ├── ExManCmd
│   └── ExManEscalatedPrivilegeServer
└── Resources

Open terminal app and type the following command. See the screen copies below. {PATH} is the folder path where Kwik4.zxp is placed. You can drag kwik4.zxp to the console and {Path} will be automatically set.


ExManCmd.exe /install {PATH}/kwik4.zxp


./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –install {PATH}/kwik4.zxp

list all extensions installed


ExManCmd.exe /list all


./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –list all

remove Kwik


ExManCmd.exe /remove Kwik


./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd –remove Kwik

ExManCmd is downloaded and unziped. Plese get either ExMan_Mac or ExManCmd_Win according to your desktop computer.

  • (Mac) Application > Utilites > Terminal

  • Drag ExManCmd to console

  • ExManCmd with the full path is set

  • Type ”–install”

  • Next drag Kwik.zxp

  • $ ExManCmd –install PATH/Kwik.zxp is ready. Enter key to run it.

You can check ExManCmd –list all to Kwik installed and enabled

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