Welcome to Kwik

Welcome To Kwik

From Photshop menu, Window > Extensions(legacy), You can select Kwik4.

When you start Photoshop for the first time after installing Kwik, you will see the Welcome Screen. There is an important instruction for Mac users about chmod command

After finishing the chmod-instruction, you can set the following checkbox checked

You can set it back to show again from Setting.

Press OK, it will open Setting Dialog for Solar2D Simulator path and your Project Root folder.


Please make sure Location of Solar2D(Corona Simulator.app) and your Poroject Root Folder. Default values are

For Mac users

The Welcome Screen says that Open Terminal App from Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Copy the following line and paste them in the Terminal console.

These command will be enabled for Kwik.

  1. Copy the following two lines of chmod

    chmod a+x ~/Documents/Kwik/compress.command
    chmod a+x ~/Documents/Kwik/startSolar2D.command


  2. Open Terminal Application

  3. Then paste the copied lines to Terminal.

  4. Press Enter key to execute them